Nomads is a fashion project which starts from the research of the pre historic nomad and how it evolves into a contemporary and global figure. Thanks to the conclusions drawn from different studies carried out by psychologists and anthropologists, Gilles Deleuze and his nomadic theory on "Capitalism and Schizophrenia" are used as the main reference.


The concept defines a philosophy and a lifestyle. A break in the way of understanding displacement. It proposes a dynamism, both mental and physical, where the stimulation of both parties generates the experience of satisfying needs and the pursuit of pleasure, coming to be described as an intangible process.


The place where the nomad moves are the urban environment, formed by two opposite scenarios: the smooth space and the striated. An opposition between the mobile and the moved, inseparable to give meaning to the concept.

The smooth, which encompasses the nomads, is composed of an open space in constant drift, not coded where what matters is the path and not the points that define it. The striation, in turn, is based on codes, determined behaviours, and paths delimited by a starting point and end, generating a tension and a path. As a consequence, cities become an experimental field in search of new experiences and research.


This thought that seeks variation, resists and moves overcoming constraints through innovation. The modification of the environment through the acts. It is understood that mobility provides change, and with it, new perspectives. In this way, the resistance of the contemporary man is presented to be confined in a single address, a single profession, a determined family nucleus and even a sexual identity.


our path, our pleasure, nomads.


fashion design/photography: cristina moro

model: liang carrillo/mathilda hedberg



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